ERISA Litigation

For more than 25 years CJM has represented Taft-Hartley trust funds.  CJM has a broad mixture of trust fund clients from both local and national organizations.

CJM’s experience with boards of trustees of jointly administered trusts has equipped the firm with a degree of expertise in this complex field of law that is difficult to equal.

Attorneys at CJM routinely draft, revise and amend plan documents. They have also been called upon to help draft new legislation, amend existing legislation, and challenge improperly-adopted legislation.

The firm advises boards of trustees as to fiduciary liability and prohibited transaction issues; prepares Prepare initial plan documents and plan amendments; reviews Qualified Domestic Relations Orders on behalf of pension plans; represents boards of trustees and trusts in litigation with third parties, particularly in cases involving collection of unpaid fringe benefits, and in seeking reimbursement from plan participants who have recovered monies from third parties (subrogation).

Business Law Services

CJM provides a variety of business law services. We are well practiced in entity selection, formation, organization, and governance. Our transactional team is well versed on the strategic advantages between the various types of corporate entities and advise clients on a  corporate structure that best suits their current needs with an eye toward future growth.

The firm has handled a wide selection of transactional work such as mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and transfer of assets. CJM also has vast experience consulting officers, managers, and directors regarding potential or existing company and personal liability. Whatever transaction, corporate structure, or corporate issue a prospective client requires assistance with, chances are that our team has not only seen it before but handled multiple similar transactions and will be able to efficiently and effectively assist that client in any way he or she may need.

Business Litigation

In addition to our robust transactional practice, CJM has a significant business litigation presence. CJM handles business contract disputes, real property litigation, and business governance/shareholder issues, as well as other types of business litigation.

Employment Law

We work with employers to achieve compliance with both Nevada and federal regulations. Even companies that diligently monitor regulatory compliance, however, legal issues can present themselves. Seasoned and competent legal representation to advise companies expedites problem resolution and allows companies to avoid similar difficulties via future planning. Through our unique skills in administration, procedure, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and court trials, we are uniquely situated to deliver favorable results regarding:

Employee relations management

Senior executive appointments and severance

Equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) disputes

Trade unions

Discrimination-based conflicts

Wage and hour audits

Benefits issues


CJM’s HOA & Landlord-Tenant attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with Nevada’s statutes and case law to deliver to both commercial and residential associations, as well as owners and tenants the satisfaction of knowing they are supported by excellent representation.

CJM attorneys have represented a broad array of homeowner and professional owners’ association across many years.  We draft and amend governing documents for various associations.  Beyond that, we represent associations and owners in litigation, arbitration, and mediation involving disputes over enforcement of the CC&Rs, Bylaws and Articles, elections, foreclosures and many other matters.  Our experience across many settings allows us to advise clients on a variety of common issues.

Our expertise includes drafting lease documents, enforcing or defending the rights of parties in commercial lease disputes, prosecuting and defending rent collection.  We advise our clients by interpreting lease provisions, asserting post-eviction claims for unpaid rent and damages to premises, drafting assignments of leases, as well as tenant improvement and mechanic’s lien disputes.

Federal Court Litigation

Inasmuch as collection of fringe benefits due to Taft-Hartley funds is governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, CJM attorneys are routinely in federal court litigating those claims. Other issues commonly litigated by CJM attorneys in federal court include business alter-ego liability, fiduciary liability, interpleader cases involving ERISA benefit plan liens (subrogation), and cases presenting diversity jurisdiction in federal court.

Administrative Law

The invisible fourth branch of the government is the administrative branch. This complex and largely invisible body of law can be exceptionally daunting to those unfamiliar with administrative procedure. CJM attorneys have been litigating before a wide array of administrative bodies in the State of Nevada for decades.

CJM attorneys have experience in both formal and informal adversarial proceedings before various administrative agencies, and have also participated in the rule-making processes these agencies employ. Whether a client wishes to propose a new rule that will have the force of law, request an advisory opinion on a given issue, or merely requires representation in either a formal or informal proceeding, CJM attorneys are well equipped to assist in the endeavor.

Appellate Practice

CJM attorneys have appeared in many appellate cases at both the State and Federal level. CJM attorneys have advocated in the Nevada Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as well as participated in appellate proceedings in administrative cases.

Appellate advocacy in particular calls upon a specialized skill set. CJM employs a group of attorneys whose clerkship work spans multiple states and includes district intermediate appellate, and state supreme court experience. CJM attorneys are consequently able to provide clients with insight into how decisions are made at the trial court level, and how those decisions are analyzed and applied on appeal, at both the intermediate and supreme court level. Such vast clerkship experience has also left CJM attorneys with remarkable writing, analytical, oral advocacy, and importantly, legal writing skills difficult to rival.